Saturday, August 2, 2008

This land is your land... part 1

Well, we saw the redwood forests and the mountains and the valleys and the ocean!

No internet connection where we were, so the posts about this past week will be after the fact by a bit, but I hope that my memory is only clearer and not foggy (like the weather at Sea Ridge)!

We flew into San Francisco on the 24th. We got in close to 9:30 PM PDT (so our body clocks were NOT happy) and we navigated the crazy long walk to the bags to the monorail to the rental car. Nutty! We were on the road heading toward Rt101 in the dark going to Inverness. Liz was waiting up for us and we settled in to the Cliff House for the night. The place that we stayed was on the lee side of the mountain so it was wonderfully sunny but cool.

The next morning I walked with the girls from #55 to #601 - Sea Ridge, my cousins' house in Inverness. 25 minutes to walk because it was mostly uphill at a serious grade. Much hugging made the climb worthwhile.