Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Day at the Beach

The day started out as overcast and cool, but that never stopped us!
After we blasted the girls out of bed, we headed for our first day at the beach.

We dragged the grandparents with us, and we settled in for an hour or so of surf jumping and reading.

We had an agenda besides the beach:
  • Visit friends up island at their home in Loveladies.
  • Make lunch
  • Shop for groceries
Not in that order. I made lunch (which was delicious as far as I was concerned but was not lunch-perational to everyone at the table. Well, that's life and lunch.

We headed north to the fabulous home of friends of Bob and Claire where Hannah and Emily swam in the pickle barrel/swimming pool with the friends' great-granddaughter. Then off to the Shop-Rite for a major shop.

So dinner and a lovely glass or two of GrĂ¼ner Veltliner, an Austrian white wine. Light and refreshing. A little spritzy. Delicious summer wine. Lovely summer day.


Susan Bearman said...

I can't wait to visit Loveladies. I must use that in a novel, though I'm sure it's been done.

Kate T said...

I'm sure it has (seems like a natural). Picturesque and near the Barnegat Lighthouse. It's a setting for something for sure!