Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Beach Island - the week begins

We are visiting Sam's father and his wife Claire this week. They have rented a house in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island, and this house is beautiful. We are pretty far down the island, near the bird sanctuary, and the house is situated so that the breeze is amazing as well as the view.

This is the view during the day, looking west, and we had a spectacular sunset.

We had the usual traffic on the causeway and the Garden State Parkway today as we drove to the shore. We had lots of time, and we were in no hurry. All hurry would have done is cause heartburn, and that seemed contrary as the smell of the sea became stronger and stronger.

I'm amazed at the house. It's well equipped and so comfortable. The view (as you can see) is broad and beautiful. And then, if all of this isn't enough, this little sliver of moon rose over the end of the Island tonight.

More from the Island as the week unfolds. And yes, I'm using my sunblock.


Liz said...

Enjoy yourself knowing John & Abby in the classsroom Monday. Relax. Have a fantastic time. Hugs!

Kate T said...

@Liz Already it begins for them. Wow. You have got to tell me about this audition that you went to, and the weeds in my garden, and my fossil dog, and whether you liked sleeping in the room that is mostly windows, and everything. We are enjoying the house and the breeze - everything except our really really loud neighbors.