Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday on the beach

What a pleasure to wake up early but not get up. The girls were fully cashed out and Sam was in NYC, so I read my book. It was very nice to not worry about anyone. And I did enjoy City of Bones. Now I need to read the rest of the series.

We went to the beach this morning, and we were there for over an hour. Not a ton of time, but the sun is strong and we are SPF conditioning. I want to be able to really hang there by the end of the week. The waves were great. Not so strong as yesterday, but enough to knock you over if you weren't looking.

We were home in time for a late lunch. Bob and Claire went out to run errands and had lunch out, so we quesadillaed and the girls watched a 30 Rock marathon. I read, as you can see. It rained, I pulled all the towels in from the line, did my usual two loads of laundry, and made a big tomato-y beef soup for dinner that made Emily happy.

I bought tasty wine. I friend of mine is enjoying a '61 Latour tonight for his 52nd birthday. I had a passable chardonnay. I pretended for just a minute that I was enjoying a glass of that wine as a part of his birthday celebration. I have a VIVID imagination.

I'm off in a few short minutes to pick up Sam and Martha from the Manahawken Bus stop on NJ Transit. They have bussed in from NYC.

I love the beach, even when it rains. And if I can get my new/used camera to stop giving me a CF error or error 99, I will get up bright and early and get those post dawn beach photos. The forecast calls for possible rain tomorrow and glorious weather for the rest of the week.

Reading IS doing something.


Susan Bearman said...

One of my favorite parts of our vacation was reading 4.5 books in just under three weeks. Can't seem to get the last half of book 5 finished now that we're home. Enjoy your reading time.

Kate T said...

Susan - I am so looking forward to reading a few more books. I brought a stack, although others in my traveling party have borrowed some of them. I also have some work to do. It will happen.

Anonymous said...

Kate, The CF Card Errors are most likely due to card formatting errors. The best way to avoid this is to never do anything to the card with a computer, never format the card with the computer. Do not delete images from the card with the computer. Just transfer the images from the card to the computer. Then you can delete images as need be from the folder on your computer. Take the card and format it in the camera, it should then be all clean and tidy, ready for use. When you delete images from or format the card with the computer, there tends to be a lot of excess garbage that gets left behind, so to speak. This leads to I/O errors and formatt errors with the card. I hope that this helps - regards, Mr Photo geek Wizard aka Paul

Kate T said...

Dear darling camera wizard - thanks for the glasses - by the way. You are my new best friend.
We tried reformatting in the camera and we got the CF error and then error 99. What we have discovered is that it's a function of the 120% humidity. Today, on a beautiful day at the shore - no CF errors. Thanks for the advice on good card owner behavior. I promise to do the right thing.