Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday: of atlatls and tomahawks

In which we get a sense of local history

I’ve always wanted to check out a local historic site in Jeffers, MN. The Jeffers Petroglyphs state historic site is about a half hour from here and as we were heading off to check out prehistoric MN a friend of my uncle’s arrived with his buckskins and old weapons, both native and settler. What an interesting morning.

In Jeffers we met Chuck, and archeologist anthropologist and incredibly pleasant geek, who showed us the carvings and explained that they range from 1500-9000 years old and that they are carvings from many different eras and regions. Chuck would fit right in with our family. Very cool. We spent the morning there and headed back to Shetek, which we were soon to learn means Pelican in the local language.

Herb was there to show us a bunch of really cool things and to teach us how to throw a tomahawk. As we did some atlatl assisted throwing at Jeffers, it was interesting to throw the tomahawk.

Highlights of Friday:
Herb and his buckskins
Ancient carvings
The boat taking kids “tubing”
The boat breaking down – and getting repaired! So disappointment turns to BIG fun.
Turkey and stuffing
Al talking to me about Drupal and getting me intrigued to look at it.

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