Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday: In which Jeff and John...

In which Jeff and John play a round of golf and a boat follows them home.

John (my brother-in-law) arrived in time for dinner Wednesday, and the pop-up trailer that he pulled from Illinois blew a tire in spectacular fashion just outside the camp. Spectacular. Peeled the tread off just like an orange. So, because he and Jeff (my cousin-in-law who had spent the night in the back of a pick-up truck under a mosquito net) felt the urge to play a round of golf they went to a nearby camper supply store to drop off the wheel. They got their round of golf in, and when they picked up the wheel found a boat for rent. So they rented this little lake runabout that hadn’t been started in two years.

Other features of Thursday:
Tim’s tire and bungee cord swings in the oak tree
An idea to repair the shower house.
The beginnings of the water slide
The arrival of the way too adorable little ones
Liz driving to Brookings to pick up Mom.
First campfire
Lemon garlic chicken and an invented dish of roasted turnips and mint.
Nick, Abby & Pirc arriving – and hitting a skunk with the car (stinky).
Sunset boating with the inevitable breakdown of the boat (two year old gas).

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